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Top 10 Best Wooden Towel Racks in 2020

There are many who do not consider wooden products for storing items in the bathroom and likewise. However, the wooden towel racks are becoming quite popular as they offer a traditional look, and the storing is as convenient as any other modern rack. Some are wall-mounted, while others are freestanding. The following list contains the top 10 best wooden towel racks in 2020 below.

1. LANGRIA Bamboo Wooden Coat Rack

1. LANGRIA Bamboo Wooden Coat Rack

  • Price: $28.01
  • Rating: 541 Reviews
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No matter what, you can definitely utilize this decorative yet low-profile rack to solve the organization problem at any room. The wood-derived construction of this rack is also suitable for hanging your towels and more other small bathroom accessories. Moreover, this wall-mountable holder comes with several metal hooks with a rust-resistant coating. The multi-functional rack allows you to hang your hat, clothes, scarves, bags, umbrellas, bathrobes, coats, belts, and more other items.

This whole construction also comes with the maximum load bearing capacity up to 33-lbs. Furthermore, this Scandinavian-style rack has an upper storage rack to keep your frequently used objects, like shampoo, mobile, pen, and more. This tool is suitable to install in your washroom, living room, bedroom, hallway, entryway, and so on.

Reasons to buy

  • Highly multi-functional and sturdy.
  • Comes with a decorative finishing.
  • Extreme weight-loading capacity.
2. Organize It Wall Mounting Shelf

2. Organize It Wall Mounting Shelf

  • By: Organize It All
  • Price: $53.99
  • Rating: 137 Reviews
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Unlike the other towel holder, this rack comes with the construction of natural bamboo. The material of this rack is also naturally antimicrobial and stands for durability. Moreover, the design of this holder is suitable for wall-mounting and saves a lot of space on the ground. The included towel bars of this holder to let your wet towel dry quickly by air.

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The entire construction is also impervious to chipping or cracking. Furthermore, you can stack an enormous number of different towels on this rack with no problem. You can even utilize this rack to showcase your pot plant collections or other decorative purposes in your any room. This incredibly roomy rack is reasonable for the lounge, room, restroom, etc.

Reasons to buy

  • Simple yet minimalist design.
  • All-natural bamboo construction.
  • Naturally chip-resistant, antimicrobial.
3. Mountain Creek Woodworks Wooden Bathroom Shelf

3. Mountain Creek Woodworks Wooden Bathroom Shelf

  • By: Mountain Creek Woodworks
  • Price: Price not available
  • Rating: 23 Reviews
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This beautifully-crafted wooden rack offers a sophisticated yet space-saving solution for your bathroom, bedroom, or kitchen. The whole construction of this rack is man-made and allows you to use it as a decorative piece. Moreover, the espresso stained finish of the natural wood holder brings a complete touch to your decoration. The wall-mountable design of this rack includes a D-ring hanger in pre-mounted condition to hold towels.

The 3-tier rack also allows you to stack towels, toilet paper rolls, soap, shampoo or other knickknacks conveniently. Furthermore, the surface of this rack is extremely smooth and polished well to add a rustic look to it. This rack comes with all required mounting hardware for easier installation. The D-ring has two copper pipe corners.

Reasons to buy

  • Handcrafted pure wooden construction.
  • Comes with the finest espresso finish.
  • Offers ample space for storage.
4. Eden & Co Modern Wall Mounted Rack

4. Eden & Co Modern Wall Mounted Rack

  • By: Eden & Co
  • Price: $29.96
  • Rating: 159 Reviews
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The unique ladder-style design of this wooden towel holder is very much attractive to the eyes. This highly-functional rack also supports easy wall mounting. Moreover, the thoughtfully-designed, multi-utility rack is suitable for hallway, entryway, bedroom, bathroom, and living room. The simple design of this holder makes greater compatibility with most of the interior decoration.

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This holder also involves the construction of premium-quality beechwood with the coating of wax for a glossy finish. Furthermore, the pegs are of 5-inch to accommodate hats, umbrellas, towels, bags, coats, and other items without any hassle. These pegs can individually hold up to 5-pounds of weight. This rack comes with all required mounting hardware for drywall. The holder has a collective hook board to withstand a large amount of weight without falling off.

Reasons to buy

  • Comes with sturdy collective hook board.
  • Significantly holds a large amount of weight.
  • All natural beechwood with a wax coating.
5. Home-it Clothes Drying Rack

5. Home-it Clothes Drying Rack

  • By: Home-it
  • Price: $34.99
  • Rating: 1,483 Reviews
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The free-standing design of this wooden rack helps you to dry your wet bath towels and clothes without any trouble. There is also a top shelf to keep the sweaters or bedcovers in flat position for faster drying. Moreover, the next two-tier hanging rods help you to hang any wet clothes. The foldable design of this holder does not acquire much space in your storage room.

The whole construction of this rack is also of natural bamboo to withstand abuses of moisture and sunlight. Furthermore, the one-piece design eliminates the need for the installation procedure. The clothes rack is suitable for any laundry room or washroom. You can definitely use this wooden holder to allow quick air-drying for your clothes.

Reasons to buy

  • Comes with a foldable design.
  • Antimicrobial bamboo construction.
  • Top shelf to hold bigger garments.
6. Design House Dalton Towel Ring

6. Design House Dalton Towel Ring

  • By: Design House
  • Price: $20.24
  • Rating: 1,021 Reviews
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Available in exquisite honey-oak finishing, this towel holder is extremely suitable for any shower-room with limited space. The hanger also comes with the construction of premium-quality wood for durability. Moreover, this highly space-saving holder comes with a beautiful O-ring hanger to hold your towel. This wall-mounted holder supports easy installation. You can easily add a country-style look to your washroom. This holder has a smooth, polished, and glossy finishing.

This towel ring is also suitable to hold a small or medium-sized bath towel. Furthermore, the oak-derived holder is resistant to cracking and chipping. The perfect finish of this towel holder accommodates a single towel. The O-ring allows quicker and obstruction-free access to the towel. This holder has environmental-friendly construction and is safe for all.

Reasons to buy

  • Comes with distinctive O-ring design.
  • Comes with the glossy honey-oak finish.
  • Suitable for any small washroom.
7. WGX Design For You Industrial Pipe Shelves

7. WGX Design For You Industrial Pipe Shelves

  • By: WGX Design For You
  • Price: $108.00
  • Rating: 171 Reviews
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The distinctive pipe shelving of these racks comes with three separable tiers, so you can install them separately. These aesthetically-beautiful racks also come with a pipe towel holder. Moreover, the whole set supports easy wall mounting. Moreover, the wooden racks are suitable to use for decorative purposes. You can even use this set in your washroom to keep your other bathroom accessories.

The rustic finishing of the racks also adds a shine to any décor. Furthermore, you can use this multi-utility rack set to keep your books in an organized way. These floating shelves involve the construction of pure wood, and the metal pipes come with rust-resistant coating for durability. The shelves are suitable for stacking towels in folding condition.

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Reasons to buy

  • Highly-versatile floating shelves.
  • Industrial-grade material construction.
  • Supports stress-free installation.
8. MyGift Wood Bathroom Organizer Rack

8. MyGift Wood Bathroom Organizer Rack

  • By: MyGift
  • Price: $64.99
  • Rating: 174 Reviews
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The rustic wood finish of this 3-tier rack offers enough space to hold multiple towels without any difficulty. This elegantly-looking decorative rack is also suitable for any home décor. Moreover, there is a hanging rod under the rack. You can use the rod to hang your wet towel for faster air drying. The upper-tier offers ample space to hold several bathroom accessories.

This detailed country-style rack also adds shine to your washroom, living room, bedroom, hallway, or entryway. Furthermore, the rack comes along with required mounting hardware for stress-free installation. The space-saving design of this towel rack frees up enough space from your workspace. The bottom rod comes with enough length to accommodate up to two towels in folding position.

Reasons to buy

  • Comes with unique country-style finishing.
  • Comes with a large top shelf.
  • Ideal for any home décor.
9. Wooden Coat Rack by Kalalou

9. Wooden Coat Rack by Kalalou

  • By: Kalalou
  • Price: $32.05
  • Rating: 218 Reviews
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The minimalist design of this wooden rack needs a very short space for installation. This rack also comes with a natural rustic-finish to add a vintage style to your washroom. Moreover, the towel holder comes with five pieces of rustic wire hooks. With the help of the hooks, you can easily hang your towels, clothes, coats, and more other garments.

You can also install this wall-mounted rack near your entryway to keep your keys, hats, scarves, and umbrellas in one place. Furthermore, the space-saving design of this rack is suitable for any dorm room, hostel, condo, apartment, or any tight space. Apart from that, this wooden holder is perfect for mudroom, bathroom, hallway, bedroom, living room, and so on.

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Reasons to buy

  • Comes with a low-profile structure.
  • Ideal for bathroom and mudroom.
  • Accommodates up to 5 towels.
10. LDR Rustic Oak Towel Bar

10. LDR Rustic Oak Towel Bar

  • By: LDR Industries
  • Price: $13.94
  • Rating: 205 Reviews
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This timeless towel holder involves the construction of all-natural oak wood with a classic rustic finish. With a simple yet sophisticated structure, this towel holder also adds shine to any décor. Moreover, the 24-inch long is able to hold up to large towels in folding condition. This wall-mounted wooden towel bar supports stress-free installation with the help of the included hardware.

The whole construction of this wooden bar is also resistant to moisture, cracking, and chipping. Furthermore, you can use this towel holder to air dry your wet towels. This holder helps you to keep your clothes in an organized way. This rack is highly useful for a condo, hostel, small apartment, living room, and so on. The natural wooden pattern is ideal for installing in your hallway as well.

Reasons to buy

  • Moisture, crack, and chip-resistant.
  • Useful in air drying wet towels.
  • Comes with natural wood patterns.

Buying Guide For Wooden Towel Rack

Here are some significant tips to remember while considering a wooden towel rack to buy.


Before owning a wooden rack, you should quantify the size and state of your washroom. For a bigger room, it is great to choose a large wooden rack and inverse for the tight space. Always, prefer the wall-mounted models as they don’t consume any space on the ground. Aside from that, you have to watch out for the space-saving feature of the racks, so you can spare a great deal of room in your washroom.

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Apart from that, you need to be very careful about the space a rack providing to store your towels. Many models not only allow you to store your various bath towels but also provide enough space to store other frequently used knickknacks.

Easy Installation

Generally, most of the wooden towel racks support stress-free installation. You must look for a rack which comes with mounting hardware for easy installation. Most of the cases, the racks are suitable for installing on drywall or brick surfaces. On the other hand, if you have wooden walls, then you must look for a lightweight rack.

If you have ample space in your washroom, then you can go for a free-standing towel rack. In that case, it is good to select a free-standing rack with foldable design for easy movability.


Do not get fooled by the cheap quality practical board or composite wood construction. It is better to look for a rack with natural bamboo, beechwood, or acacia wood construction. This is because these woods are much sturdier, antimicrobial, and resistant to moisture and cracking.


There are so many structures and designs available in the market. You need to opt for a rack which comes with a minimum of two tiers if you want to store both towels and other small items. Apart from that, if you only desire a single towel holder, then you can choose an O-ring towel holder. But it is necessary to have an attached bar with the rack, so you can hang your wet towel for air drying.

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These storage racks are not only space-saving but also you can use them to decorate your interior as well. Some of the racks are suitable to use in your bedroom, living room, entryway, and hallway. You can even utilize them to store your caps, scarves, umbrellas, coats, belts just as keys.


There is no doubt that the wooden towel racks will add some beauty to the place where you will fix it. You can use a towel rack for storing various types of clothes and not just towels. To make things easy for you, we have provided a buying guide, and you should understand it. While going through the products, the guide will come handy and will help you to select the best one for you.

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